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Make your inquiry for a price on 0897 891 630 or send us a e-mail from the contact form of the site. What distinguishes me from all the other photographers on the market in Bulgaria is the fact that behind me I always had a great team of several good designers, a video operator and a programmer! I photograph the whole country and Europe. The frame rates I give are consistent with the shooting characteristics and the way pictures are used and range from a few euros to several hundred euros when the frame is bought with full rights.
I am dedicated to photography as I was a kind. My favorite theme are horses and equestrian sport and the other version of my personal site got uploaded around one milion selected photos taken by me for the last 25 years. I began shooting at 14 years of age! I went through all the technological stages starting with a KIEV camera with a negative 6/9cm. and finishing at CANON EOS Mark III for now with 23 Megapixels matrix. In addition to the photographic equipment we have a camcorder SONY - HD and dron DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO+:
https://www.facebook.com/SilvenaAdvertising/ and a link to the company's website with prices: https://photo.silvena.net/silvenasky-zasnemane-s-dron-ruse.html
I shoot and try to raise the level of both my clients and myself. I love photography, as a means of expression and every new topic is a new high in front of me! The motto of my life "If you gave people, you did not live in vain" makes me show people everyday the beauty of life through my lenses. I can not say that my profile is advertising, sports, wedding or any other category of photographer, because I have shot with equal success everything listed without underwater photography. I have been working in professional photography since 1991. I'm a company manager of "Silvena-Ruse" LTD and owner of photographic studios in Ruse and Silistra. I am co-founder of "Ruse Photography Society", I have been a member of the "Photographic Academy" for 10 years, and 5 of them I was a board member. I have organized over 100 exhibitions for a period of 10 years in the company gallery SILVENA ART, as well as the first four editions of the "National Review of Digital Photography" in the country through 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. The first professional digital 3Мpx camera imported in the country by "Fomus LTD" worked in my company "SILVENA PHOTO"
I have an excellently equipped professional studio, where I have been advertising and cataloging photography for the busy business in Ruse for more than 20 years. At the start I have shot up to 9 weddings in one day! My well - known business clients are


and dozens of other smaller ones.
With my team we designed the websites of leading clubs and horse associations. Through my company I am also engaged in publishing, I am Producer of "Horo Orchestra" I have released 6 albums with a beautiful northern folklore! The most important book that I am a publisher is Danube River of Europe, it is the result of 12 years of ride along the river and its tributaries across all the Danube countries.